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Aplod Aesthetic Apparel is able to create potent clothes through the hard work of the artists involved with the project. These artists come from many different walks of life & backgrounds, each offerings something completely unique with their designs. 



A seeker of aesthetics and all that is cute, Linhao is from Tunisia and currently lives in France and Portugal. She draws her inspirations from the loves in her life, her emotions, and the beauty she sees around her. Aside from digital & traditional art, she loves to create and sport various cosplays.

Favorite anime/manga: Kimetsu no Yaiba

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silver raven

An aspiring comic artist, Silver Raven comes out with a lot of flavor and experimentation with their art. With a strong affinity to the boys love genre, soon Silver Raven will be a mangaka that makes stories that demand to be reckoned with. 

Favorite anime/manga: Mushishi

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A 21 year old diagnosed with bpd, Beap brings all of her emotion to her work. She loves to explore as many art styles as possible, and never wants her work boxed into a category. She constantly blurs the lines of her inspirations, goals, and mindset of her art. Outside of her art, she is quite the baker. Try a slice.

Favorite anime/manga: Sukitte ii Na Yo


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A sleep deprived doodler who drinks too much coffee, kkulmori is currently on the quest to finish college and get a degree. kkulmori aims to someday work in game design and character art. Though a lover of chibi art, this artist can do so much more as well.

Favorite anime/manga: Liar Game


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metouji is an artist from Long Beach, California and is inspired by anime, bold color, and her love of women. With her art, she aims to create stories and visual art for brown girls in love with each other. She is currently working on her web comic: "The Goldilocks Zone".

Favorite anime/manga: Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu


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jaina arts

Jaina Arts is an illustrator and painter from India. She always been that weird creative person who is crazy about art and art supplies. Specifically, she loves to draw flowers and floral arrangements, but she also has put her hand to comics and character design.

Favorite anime/manga: Death Note


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Konberii has a simple goal for her art: to create happiness. she is currently a student in Indonesia studying social studies. All-in-all she loves bringing her art to life, specifically if the art is pink or cute... or both. 

Favorite anime/manga: Puella Magi Madoka Magica


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