Cosplay Feature: Charles DeGrooty

It was really interesting meeting Lotte, as she is also a Colorado cosplayer that has a Dutch background! She is incredibly fun to be around, and I am really glad she did this interview for me! Find Lotte on Instagram here.

Q: Why did you start cosplaying?

Lotte: I was going through a pretty rough time during my freshman year of high school to be honest. I was on adderal and had a really hard time expressing myself in any passions in life. My sister was the one who actually took me to my first convention in 2009. Meeting other people who struggled with the same issues as me and held the same interest really made me enjoy the culture.  So I developed my crafting skills in order to join in with the cool kids I guess.  

Q: What is your favorite costume?

Lotte: I loved my Morrigan (From Darkstalkers). She is a powerful but attractive character and I absolutely adored her look. I am always a huge advocate of cosplaying strong female role models.

Q: Why is cosplay important?

Lotte: It helps people who lack social skills or interact with people flourish. It helps express their creativity and really learn more about their skills. Most importantly, they bring a community of all walks of life together under the same genre of nerd community. Some see it as a hobby, I see it as potential for more.

Q: What advice do you have to new cosplayers?

Lotte: Be welcoming, be inviting, and be willing to listen to others.  We are all nerds on the same playground so lets act like it.

Q: What is the most important skill to have to be a successful cosplayer?

Lotte: I would like to think in order to cultivate it as a business? Networking.  That goes without saying for any field of fashion but for cosplay don't be afraid to collaborate with other artist because you never know who has the same mindset as you.

Q: Who is your favorite cosplayer?

Lotte: Ryoko demon was my first and all time favorite.  Extremely pleasant to talk to and her wig work is nothing short of godly. 

Q: Any kind of statement you want to make in regards to cosplay?

Lotte: Keep the cosplay scene friendly is all I can really say.

Q: What is your favorite anime?

Lotte: Demon Slayer for sure!

Thank you, Lotte! I appreciate you taking the time to answer our questions! Also, you can find Lotte on Instagram at @charles_degrooty.

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