Cosplay Feature: Robrecht Berg

Rob and I have had a really interesting history. We had originally met in Colorado Spring, but really got to know each other more in Denver and through some mutual cosplay friends. To be honest, are any cosplay friendships not strange? You can find Robrecht on Instagram here.

Q: Why did you start cosplaying?

Rob: I started as an artist after retirement from the military and saw cosplayers at my first convention. Decided that it would be fun to try and might attract more people to my art booth. I'm a crafty person and my first cosplay, Dr. Strange, was a huge hit...more so than my art!

Q: What is your favorite costume?

Rob: Negan...lots of fin character acting as Negan and people love it! Even Ming Chen, from Comic Book Men, asked me to fake bash his head in for a photo!

Q: Why is cosplay important?

Rob: As a craft and hobby, I see it as a great activity for people to generally have fun and relax. It is also a great way to support kids activities and charities.

Q: What advice do you have to new cosplayers?

Rob: Just go have fun and don't worry! Do it for yourself however you like or to support others if that is your focus.

Q: What is the most important skill to have to be a successful cosplayer?

Rob: No particular skill needed is the great thing. Now, if you consider successful as winning competitions or making money that is a different thing, but not my focus.

Q: Who is your favorite cosplayer?

Rob: Local Colorado cosplayers and friends I know are my favorites. They range from exceptionally experienced crafters to international cosplayers to new cosplayers, such as Kristi Kai, Steve Perkins, and Kayla "Heyitzk".

Q: Any kind of statement you want to make in regards to cosplay?

Rob: I wish there was not negativity and people who like to spread gossip and rumors, but it is the case with anything. Overall, think before you act and unless you personally experienced something or witnessed it, don't spread rumors. 

Q: What is your favorite anime?

Rob: Are old '70s and '80s cartoon movies considered Anime, such as Heavy Metal, Wizards, and Fire and Ice?

I suppose I can allow old '70s and '80s cartooun movies to be considered anime... But only for you Rob! Thank you so much for the interview. You can find him on Instagram at @robrechtart.

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